Meat – A Very Old Food Source!

Meat has been eaten by mankind for years and years, but today increasing numbers of people have become vegetarians. Meat continues to be an essential food source since it mostly contain proteins – nearly 80% of any kind of meat is pure protein. Any function in your body needs protein – people simple cannot live without it!

Almost 28% of the protein people ingest today originates from meat products. Meat can be among the best resources of vitamin A, D and many B-vitamins and also the minerals zinc, selenium and iron. Meat boosts the metabolism that makes it easier to lose weight and if you take in meat, you’ll feel full for longer than in the event that you eat carbohydrates. This is why meat is an extremely important food source in a fat reduction program!

Another good argument for eating meat/protein is that it’ll stabilise blood sugar levels meaning that the craving for sugar will undoubtedly be kept right down to a minimum! Virtually all the meals we pull up from the bottom has all of the nutrition we are in need of – but vegetables contain much less protein plus some of those haven’t vitamins and minerals to your body and therefore will never be absorbed. Vegetarian food sources may also be missing an essential vitamin – B12 – because only meat, milk, cheese and eggs contains that vitamin!

Protein contain twenty proteins, and for the body to operate optimally, it requires those twenty proteins each day! Each and every movement within your body depends upon protein – from the simple eye blink to complex hormone production and water balance! Your body itself could make a few proteins however the rest must come from the meals we eat each day – they are what we call “the fundamental proteins”. A complete protein – which mean a protein that includes all of the twenty proteins, is really a complex protein, and you will be absorbed 100% by your body! Always choose the lean meat like chicken, turkey and lean steak and always cut away the fat surrounding any little bit of meat, as animal fat is quite bad for your body.