Food and Feng Shui

Feng shui has a great impact on the food we consume. Feng shui, the food we eat and ourselves are interrelated and affect each other. Chi and our life balance are highly influenced by food, starting on how it was harvested and produced, going through how we cook it and the environment and mood in which we consume it.

Chi or positive energy flows in food as well as in everything else, and its quality depends a whole lot on how we cook it. Actually, eating has direct relation with energy flowing, since it’s the way we receive energy and it becomes part of us. As a result, the source of the energy, which is food, should be handled very carefully.

Harmony and balance is an important element of the connection between food and feng shui. It’s important that we eat balanced food, which consists in variety and balance of colors. Feng shui recommends that a dish should contain different colors which are in harmony with one another. You should try using as many different colors as possible in one same dish at exactly the exact same time as they should combine and look good together.

You should also achieve a yin and yan balance in your food which is done through the balance of tastes. A feng shui and yin yan harmonic dish would contain strong flavors as well as delicate ones balanced through the use of different colours. There shouldn’t be one strong element predominating too much over the others. The food, the colors and the smells should all be in balance.

It’s also very important to pay attention to the food smells as well. You should like the smell of your food and it should be attractive to you. Every sense which is part of the eating process should be paid attention to and in balance with the dish as a unity. All the process, through which food goes, from where they are originated to when we eat it, is quite important and must be followed carefully.