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Cheese Serving Guide

Posted on August 24, 2022 by Efrain Fernandez

Cheeses come in a vast array of tastes, textures, and types. Gone are the days of un-wrapping a piece of American cheese putting it on white bread and calling it a meal. Today's specialty niches make it easy to serve gourmet cheeses as an appetizer, desert, or as an easy course in a bigger meal.

When serving cheese never serve over 5 varieties at one time. Vary the size, shape, taste and texture of the options to add interest to the choice. The tray you function on ought to be a wooden board or marble slab. A silver tray with a wood insert can add elegance and glamour for a unique touch. The tray shouldn't be packed, and any bread or fancy crackers should be served separately. Separate utensils and trays should be used if the cheeses have strong or distinctive flavors. Mild types will pick up the tastes and scents of stronger cheese.

Coupling the cheese with fresh fruit or thin sliced onions provides added interest and feel and makes for an appetizing arrangement. Always make sure you slice all of the accompaniments in bite size pieces.

Cheeses can be served as a very elegant desert a mild course following the entrée or as an appetizer. When using cheese as an appetizer, pick a light meal since cheese can be filling.

The temperature of your cheese will make a difference in how it taste. When served at room temperature cheese displays more of its natural tastes and characteristics. By leaving out the cheese for 30 minutes prior to serving the cheese will reach its optimal temperature. Keep in mind during warm months to keep watch so the cheese doesn't get too warm and start to sweat.